Forex, online trading and commodity trading…

Opening a can of worms with this one…
Everyone has heard of trading and forex and all the online marketing jargon that goes with it…

I myself have been to a couple of lectures and training courses about the subject. The whole idea of working from home and earning the big bucks is very appealing!

I opened a CFD account stuck a bunch of money in there and started my forex career…
And all in all, it was a heck of an experience!
I laughed, I cried, I swore, I through stuff at my computer…
FYI… anger mangement… Just a thought.. 🙂

And so due to circumstances back home a needed to withdraw most of the money from the CFD account a few months later. Luckey with the exchange rate and state of the economy, I had more money than I started with…

The best thing you can do is gather as much forex information as possible!

These books and systems helped me a lot in the beginning and even more when
I started doubting myself…
All you need to to is press on!
The forex dictionary!
Need to know basics
Free system to help you get started

Other links that might interest you:
deine Chance

Leave some comments, ask some questions and let’s share the knowledge!

Edit.. Friend of mine said BitCoin might be the way to go..
Instant Bitcoin Profits

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